The smartRETAIL TECHtour guides attendees of the NRF BIG SHOW exposition floor in NYC in January 2020. The TECHtour explores the NRF exposition floor and selected Innovation Lab companies. smartRETAIL is a delegation that is part of the “TECH for Business” of myGlobalVillage. The smartRETAIL delegation organizes a walking TECH tour of key solutions and technologies.

Retail Technology tour of NRF 2020

Our team of RETAIL industry insiders lead by Farid Mheir will help you navigate through the latest technology trends that have lasting impact on your business. This walking interactive session covers the leading tech and trends of 2020, fueled by our continuous digital transformation watch – more info in our blog. It is designed and curated specifically for IT and marketing executives, directors and technology specialists.

TECHtour themes for 2020

Merchants are faced with a transformation of retail business, driven by technologies such as AI, eCommerce, Big Data, and soon IOT and AR/VR. To make sense of it all, we propose a tour of the exposition floor at CES and NRF trade shows in January 2020. Our guides accompany you through half day visit of key solutions focussed on 2 themes: the new store experience and the omni channel challenge.

New store experience

1Physical stores are less a destination to buy products and more one to showroom, educate, service and entertain customers. Technologies such as smart mirrors, self-service kiosks, ads display monitors, cameras, sensors, mobile POS and sales clienteling are creating challenges for store operations, ISIT infrastructure, and cybersecurity teams. What are strengths and weaknesses? Which technologies are ready for rollout and which should trialed in controlled pilot projects? Can these technologies be deployed securely? Can they be maintained at low cost over long periods of time?

Omni channel challenge

2Seamless customer experience requires real-time inventory for online ecommerce and detailed customer profile for in-store showrooming. Bridging online and physical worlds is a data game which requires the fusion, integration, analysis and syndication of data across multiple systems, some legacy. We explore how customer data platforms (CDP), data lakes, cloud computing, internet of things (IOT), and store robots create new data sources that can be exploited.

Retail technologies we cover

  • Biometric recognition systems
  • AR and VR technologies at Retail
  • Digital and Interactive Signage
  • Robots in Retail
  • Tagging with NFC and RFID
  • The Sensor Driven Shopping Experience
  • Data as Retail Gold
  • Loyalty and Reward Systems
  • The Rise of Self-Serve and Automation
  • Electronic Payment Systems
  • New POS Developments (mobile POS, self-checkout, no POS)

Attendees will learn

  • How IoT devices are changing retail and creating a data deluge
  • Can robots improve the shopping experience
  • Can robots solve store personnel shortage
  • The effect of automated systems including voice and chatbots translating to sales
  • How blockchain and other systems are transforming the backend of retail
  • How immersive technologies like AR and VR translate to retail sales
  • How to personalize sales using big data and analytics
  • New tools for training and supporting sales staff
  • Combining high tech and high touch experiences for maximum effect
  • The watch words for 2020: Community, Personalization, Data, Experiential Retail, Direct to Consumer

Networking opportunities

smartRETAIL participants benefit from unique networking activities beyond the TECHtour as part of the myGlobalVillage event with participants from US, Canada, France, and beyond.

Attendees will receive

  • 2.5 hours tour of the expo show floor to visit 10 solution vendors
  • 45 min pre-tour briefing of the solutions and technologies
  • 30 min post-tour Q&A
  • WHY IT MATTERS retailTECH Key Trends & Takeaways report. This report provides you with a complete overview of the smartRETAIL TECH tour as well as important trends impacting the retail industry in the year ahead.

Inquiries & Registration

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Registration fees for the TECHtour is 990$.

CES2020 smartRETAIL delegation participants

Fees are waived for registered participants of the CES2020 smartRETAIL delegation of myGlobalVillage or FrenchVillage.

Fees details

All costs are in USD. Fees DO NOT include registration to NRF expo floor. Participants must register for the NRF BIG SHOW expo separately.