Our digital strategies and business plans create a shared vision for the executive committee and gather board-level approval.

  • Executive interviews, workshop facilitation and board-level presentations;
  • Market research, competitive intelligence, and surveys;
  • Technology selection and architecture;
  • Business model definition based on the Business Model Canvas and the Value Proposition Canvas;
  • Technology due diligence for venture capital investment or new project funding;
  • Best practices and market trends;
  • Roadmap and budget estimates.

  • Assessment of technology, software or vendors;
  • Data analysis and fact-based investigation;
  • Review of resources, skills and organizational structure;
  • Cost analysis and forensics analysis;
  • Security and privacy;
  • Performance, disaster recovery and fault tolerance;
  • Software engineering and methodology.

We are digital urban planners, leveraging TOGAF and other industry standard frameworks to deliver enterprise architecture. Often, we achieve our goals as part-time resources which we term “rent an architect”. We deliver:

  • Business function blueprints;
  • Application component blueprints;
  • Data blueprints;
  • Infrastructure and network blueprints;
  • Project portfolio;
  • Target state and roadmaps;
  • Enterprise architecture community facilitation and management.

We have leadership in planning, execution and operations for pure play and brick and mortar retail companies. We even have developed an eCommerce framework to manage strategic discussions and ensure all bases are covered.


We have leadership in planning, execution and operations for pure play and brick and mortar retail companies. Our proprietary eCommerce framework includes:

  • eCommerce strategy, business plan, and business case;
  • Merchandising, from product selection to pricing;
  • Marketing, for both paid and owned channels;
  • Online sales, including all technology activities, software selection, and payment processing;
  • Pick-Pack-Deliver order fulfillment, including warehouse-based operation to fully decentralized operation in hundreds of pickup locations;
  • Operations including resource planning, customer service and product returns.

As an impartial advisor, we work with you to prepare and manage Request For Proposal (RFP) processes where we manage key activities and prepare key deliverables such as:

  • Gathering of needs and requirements and RFP writing;
  • Management of the RFP process including vendor identification, Q&A management, selection committee coordination, scoring and recommendations;
  • Coordination of vendor presentations and demonstrations;
  • Contract negotiations.

We provide on-going governance to ensure that your digital project portfolio delivers the results that are expected. Our digital governance framework includes:

  • Executive annual report on digital and technology activities;
  • Coordination of social network activities from marketing, HR, communications, and investor relations;
  • Advisory board and advisory committee participation.