Everything is digital today it seems: our pictures, our businesses and even our relationships. Google, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Dropbox are all tools to help us manage our digital lives. I call this “The Digital ME”.

Our conference helps you determine what to do, what to prioritize, what to safely stay away from. With real-life examples, we explore together how to manage our digital lives so that we enjoy it to the max… while remaining safe and private.





Digital has transformed all aspects of the business world: marketing, recruitment, manufacturing, finance. Everything. Often, digital also disrupts industries so profoundly and so rapidly that many established players have disappeared. Just think of Polaroid or Blockbuster.

Our conference provides real-life examples of organizations, industries, or departments that have successfully managed the digital disruption to increase revenue, profit or valuation. We describe frameworks and tools to define, implement, and govern a successful digital strategy.


We deliver our conferences in one of three formats, as you require:

1. Breakfast or luncheon: 20 to 40 minutes in length;

2. Conference keynote: 45 to 90 minutes in length;

3. Team workshop with hands-on sessions: 2 hours or half a day in length.

Our conferences are designed to benefit to everyone: no technical skills are required!

Participants can be employees or freelance consultants, managers or executives, adults or kids. We tune our examples so as to best relate to our audience. For example:

  • Professionals: how to promote yourself in the digital world? how to leverage digital tools to deliver services more efficiently?
  • Parents-kids: what digital tools do kids use? what should they never do to protect their privacy? how much control should parents impose on their kid’s digital life?
  • Executives: how to recruit employees in the digital world? what competitive watch are tools should I use? What digital tools can improve product innovation?


We have successfully delivered our conferences in French and in English to many groups and associations including:

  • Association of dental specialist;
  • LHH Knightsbridge human capital professionals;
  • Financial director association;
  • Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons;
  • Crane rental professional association;
  • Trisotech technology conference keynote.