Why don’t we see mobile phone sensors leveraged more often for worker safety and security in business environments? Google’s Personal Safety app detects car accidents and automatically calls 911

Google is working on a new app for its Pixel smartphones that will use hardware sensors to detect an auto accident and automatically call emergency services if a person fails to respond.

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.theverge.com

WHY IT MATTERS: mobile phones are very personal devices that you carry with you all the time. I expect that solutions like this one, always listening in the background and reacting when a specific event occurs, will become the norm in the future. Already Alexa-siri-google are listening constantly, now solutions that merge the other sensors of the device – accelerometer, etc. – are natural extensions. They can be used for good as here – or for bad as with eavesdropping solutions that Edward Snowden made popular. I am surprised that few business applications have leveraged this already, for worker security in dangerous environment (fall detection, broken glass detection, earthquake detection, etc.) can all be included into business apps where the issues of privacy can be weighed against worker security and safety, especially for workers on the road or working in areas where they are alone (woods, etc.)

Farid Mheir