What year is it again? Sure feels like the 1999 #dotcom bubble all over again – thanks to Annie Thabet & Claret

Is this 1999?  It sure feels like it…

It seems to us that profitless companies seem to be back in vogue. Recently, companies like Uber and Lyft have gone public with very disruptive business models but no profit in sight. At best, profit might come a long way down the road. Yet they are given market valuations at levels that suggest a wildly profitable business model.

Sourced through Scoop.it from: claret.ca

WHY IT MATTERS: for digital transformation, this post does not matter because digital transformation will continue for years to come because the fundamentals are good: new tech that solves a real problem, cost reduction, better customer experience, more flexibility, more features, etc. Fundamentals are also great for Machine Learning (AI) and blockchain because they truly represent milestones in the evolution of digital technologies, like HTTP did during the dotcom era.

Many companies will burst as the current bubble bursts (digital bubble? AI bubble? Blockchain bubble?), as did pet.com and Webvan in 2001. Yet, the same way Amazon & Google survived the downturn to emerge bigger and better, companies with crazy valuations today but with proper business models will survive this one. So go back to looking at the leaders behind those companies and determine if they can lead their ship past the disturbances that are bound to come with a bubble burst…

Farid Mheir