What if companies had no employees? @TheEconomists proposes a hypothetical scenario for what *may* be in the year 2030

All jobs below C-suite level are to be reclassified. All those impacted will no longer be employees of IIM. Instead you will work for IIM on a contract basis. This change sounds scarier than it really is. It holds great benefits both for you and for IIM. The company will be able to respond more nimbly to a rapidly changing marketplace. We hope that you will continue to perform services for IIM on a contract basis, but you will also have the opportunity to work and earn elsewhere. If you have any questions, please ask Irma, our human-resources chatbot.

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WHY IT MATTERS: recent studies about the future of work are full of data projections but this article puts it all in context with a hypothetical scenario of a director in a private equity firm in year 2030 that learns that her organization is shifting to a new model where employees all become contractors…

Farid Mheir