Wearable healthcare tech posters reminds us all that there are useful use cases for wearables and that the technology is slowly catching up to the hype via @raconteur @AIMarcoux 

The healthcare wearable industry is more than just fitness trackers and heart-rate monitors, and technology devices are being used to transform both patient and self-care, in hospitals and at home. From virtual reality to robotic artery de-cloggers, futuristic healthcare devices have the potential to improve the lives of patients in the not-too-distant future…

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.raconteur.net

WHY IT MATTERS: wearables went through a terrible hype cycle a few years back (remember the Apple watch). Looks like, as with many hype cycles, the promises were real but it just took time for the technology to catch up with the hype. One of the wearable promise was wrt to health care.We’ve seen in recent years a number of studies that prove for example that apple watch can detect heart attacks hours or days before they manifest themselves. So there are killer use cases (pun intended) with wearables and this poster highlights some of them.

Farid Mheir