Walmart’s New store called the Intelligent Retail Lab Shows a Glimpse into the Future of #Retail: technology hidden from sight that empowers employees to know you and their products to answer and p…

“We chose right from the very start to not hide the technology,” Hanrahan explained.

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WHY IT MATTERS: when I ask about what the "store of the future" looks like I often get descriptions of a robot-filled location with huge displays and computer kiosks. In fact the trend is to HIDE the technology to make the store experience more and more about what you had when you visited the general store of the past. Walk in and speak to an employee that is very knowledgeable about you, your needs and the products they have to sell. The only difference is that this knowledge comes from AI, cameras, sensors, and all kind of technologies that support and enhance the retail employee to make you believe they know you and their products. THAT is the magic of the store of the future. Get used to it.

Farid Mheir