Wafer-Scale Deep Learning wafer-scale chip details the technology behind 1 trillion transistor largest ever commercial chip manufactured: the scale and the power of this device is unheard of @cereb…

The WSE (pronounced “wise”) is the largest commercial chip ever manufactured, built to solve the problem of deep learning compute. The WSE is 1.2 trillion transistors, packed onto a single 215mm x 215mm chip with 400,000 AI-optimized cores, connected by a 100Pbit/s interconnect. The cores are fed by 18 GB of super-fast, on-chip memory, with an unprecedented 9 PB/s of memory bandwidth.

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.cerebras.net

WHY IT MATTERS: this article and accompanying PDF presentation dive into the technical details of how it is now possible to put 1 trillion transistor on a chip designed for the sole purpose of machine learning. This is a BIG DEAL.

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Farid Mheir