Videos that describe Spotify engineering culture #mustWatch

Here’s part 1 of short animated video describing our engineering culture (here’s part 2). This is a journey in progress, not a journey completed, and there’s a lot of variation from squad to squad. So the stuff in the video isn’t all true for all squads all the time, but it appears to be mostly true…

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Amazing two 15 min videos describing the engineering culture and organization of teams at spotify. In a nutshell they give team full autonomy to deliver products all the way to production, thus eliminating the possible excuses that one can have for not being able to reach their targets. AMAZING structure and video. Must watch.


And this does not apply only to startups. Established companies should consider re-organizing their teams based on the agile principles that spotify puts forwards. The projects that I see failing or suffering from delays and bloat in large companies I see around would be in much better shape if they implemented similar structures….

Farid Mheir