Video shows Ocado warehouse technology that Sobeys has acquired to prepare #grocery orders is based on an army of small #robots working on 3D hive

1.7 million items a day across its four fulfilment centres

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WHY IT MATTERS: On the heals of recent technology deals between Ocado and Carrefour in France and Sobeys in Canada, this paper and others explain how the technology works.


The technology is akin to a huge vending machine, where products are stored in compartments that robots can access when required. More important is that this technology can apply to any product you can buy online, not only grocery. In fact, figuring grocery item picking is probably the most difficult product category – with 3 temperature items (room, cold, frozen) and lots of small and delicate products (think tomatoes and meat). This will help reduce the cost and errors of web order fulfilment, and potentially speed delivery to make 1hr delays possible. When coupled with robot manipulation and self-driving delivery vans, the days of human-free order preparation and delivery is fast approaching.


This will revolutionize the way we think of retail and distribution by making the store useless. The value chain will become produce-warehouse-home. 

Farid Mheir