Two Stack CMS approach describes a custom-built website creation solution designed by developers to be modern and full featured #rollYourOwnWCMS via @ThoughtWorks

We applied the editing-publishing separation
pattern in building a two-stack CMS to support a global
readership while supporting complex coordination of legacy
editing tools. 

When content volume is low and only few trained people are responsible for content creation and maintenance, any added complexity of a two stack CMS isn’t worthwhile. Such complexity makes it harder for content creators to learn how to use it and adds significant effort in system maintenance. (Although this may be mitigated by tools that are designed to work in this style.)

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WHY IT MATTERS: choosing a web content management solution is a pain in the neck. This approach does away with that altogether and builds its own versions. Very useful to understand the limitations of commercial CMS solutions.


Also read: edit-publish separation by Martin Fowler


Farid Mheir