Training: the killer app for augmented reality? I’ve tested this product at CES and it is quite impressive to see what it can do – why is it not deployed in more companies? #AR

TrainAR features include:

• Create, edit and deploy training modules quickly and easily
• Included templates implement best practices for world-class AR content creation
• Create modules for overviews, step-by-step lessons, and certification testing
• Set up new trainees, issue and manage digital certifications
• Real time data viewer tracks and displays key training metrics on the monitor
• Collect and retain detailed records of training experiences

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WHY IT MATTERS: we do not see augmented reality in our daily lives – other than pokemon GO. I would expect AR to offer real solution in todays market of labour shortage and need to quickly rampup new employees into jobs. This solution and the video should show quite well what is possible with the technology today. I’ve tried it and it is quite impressive…

Farid Mheir