This #AgTech #Startup Just Built A Coinstar For Coffee #blockchain #traceability – this tech has huge potential as it can reduce the number of food products that are recalled via @qz

Tech startup Bext360 has built a Coinstar-like device to grade coffee beans and pay the farmer for them right away.

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WHY IT MATTERS: this is a concrete example of a use case for blockchain that shows it is now possible to trace the products from source to consumer. Blockchain technology provides a “distributed” system that can be “trusted”. Why is this important? recently the US FDA has recalled 207M eggs due to salmonella: with proper traceability this number could have been much much lower: 

That is why Starbucks is also considering similar technologies as explained here: 


For more on the technology, see the video and explanation here: 


Farid Mheir