The ultimate guide to #DropShipping highlights an important trend: eCommerce has started to mature with every feature being unbundled into dedicated products – or merged into large platforms via @a…

DropShipping is a direct to consumer retail fulfilment method where a seller does not hold stock.

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WHY IT MATTERS: very interesting read that shows how much there is to consider for one small component of eCommerce, drop shipping. The larger point behind this post is that every feature of eCommerce solutions, from catalog, carts, payment, shipping, fulfillment, etc. are being unbundled into dedicated products. Here avasam provides services for dropshipping. This follows a larger trend of solutions as they mature: you start to see enough volume / complexity to warrant dedicated solutions.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are platforms that try to integrate as many of these components into a single, integrated solution.


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