The State of Ransomware reports that majority of companies recover from data backups – and only 3% pay the hackers to get their data back

Ransomware has become one of the most prevalent new cybersecurity threats faced by today’s enterprises. Now well beyond the incipient stage of opportunistic attacks, this automated form of blackmail has increased in prevalence and sophistication. The malware now targets organizations of all sizes as the bad guys look for ways to extort money and create trouble for businesses by taking their data hostage. Dark Reading’s 2017 Ransomware Survey queried IT practitioners about their recent experiences with ransomware and related malware over the past 12 months. Some of the findings include:

  • 35% of organizations detected ransomware on their systems in the past year.
  • 83% of affected organizations responded to infection by deleting the encrypted data and reimagining their systems using backup data.
  • Two in five organizations don’t have a ransomware response plan in place.
  • Only 27% of organizations believe current anti-malware technology is effective in preventing ransomware.
  • Half of IT practitioners believe it will be harder to prevent ransomware from infecting their systems two years from now.

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WHY IT MATTERS: ransomware has made headlines in recent months but it appears that most organization manage to recover from backup data instead of paying the crooks. This report claims only 3% of organizations pay – but it still accounts for a whole lot of trouble, downtime and effort for those organization that find an alternate route. Better be prepared against those attacks!

Farid Mheir