The next startup cities that will transform the global economy – most notably Montreal is identified as a global hotspot for AI with 1B$+ investments since 2016 via @WEForum HT @patrickgagne

When it comes to specific start-up sub-sector leadership, we see Montreal emerge as one of the global hotspots for artificial intelligence (AI) start-ups. Since 2016, more than $1 billion has been invested in AI companies located there (including notable startup Element AI), and it has the largest concentration of AI academic researchers in the world. Montreal also hosts the NeurIPS conference, the largest AI event held annually in the world.

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WHY IT MATTERS: I am part of the dotcom startups of late 1990s in Montreal. I see a much more vibrant ecosystem to support startups and find this article from the World Economic Forum spot on. Most notably, the list of 12 cities only has one in North America, all others are Asia Pac (+Melbourne!). So we are in a good place here in Montreal, otherwise I advise my kids to GO WEST (beyond California…)!


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