The net impact of AI and related technologies on jobs in China provides data to help measure where jobs will be lost and created – study science, engineering, and math would be my recommendation!

We focus in this paper on the long run impacts over
the next 20 years. Given a base year of 2017, our
projections therefore focus on impacts in 2037. This
long time horizon also allows us to ignore short
term ups and downs in employment rates linked to
the economic cycle. We estimate that AI and related technologies could displace around 26% of existing jobs in China over the next two decades.

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WHY IT MATTERS: this report from PWC provides an interesting viewpoint on the impact of AI on jobs within 20 years. The ripple effect of this work displacement will create opportunities and challenges for governments, cities and businesses alike as many workers will have to move from manual work in agriculture and manufacturing to the service industry. This will impact emerging countries like China more than the UK or Canada because our transition has started a long time ago. It is interesting to see that in reality job loss will be quite important in certain industries.

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Farid Mheir