The jobs of the future are growing faster than all jobs, but this does not mean transition will be painless via @Axios @Cognizant

Maybe you didn’t grow up dreaming of being an "augmented reality journey builder" or "master of edge computing" or a "cyber calamity forecaster." But someone will. Jobs of the future will be heavy on the use of algorithms, automation and AI; customer experience; environment; fitness and wellness; health care; legal and financial services; transport; and work culture.

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WHY IT MATTERS: it looks like the new technologies that replace jobs at a rapid pace are also creating new ones at a faster pace. This may prevent dooms day scenarios where self-driving trucks make truck drivers useless for example. However, looking at the new jobs created the skills they require is very different from the one they replace (not sure truck drivers can master edge computing easily – or enjoy it). More disturbing some of the high growth jobs are low paying ones, such as elderly care workers. Change thus will be hurtful for many of the displaced.

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Farid Mheir