THE INTERNET OF THINGS 2017 REPORT: How the IoT is improving lives to transform the world

The Internet of Things moves mainstream and continues to see rapid growth and development. The report lists

  • What is the Internet of Things? Definition, Industries and Companies
  • IoT Ecosystem – Forecasts and Business Opportunities
  • IoT Market Size, Share & Growth Forecasts
  • IoT Trends, Growth & Predictions
  • IoT Devices, Applications & Examples
  • Top IoT Companies to Watch & Invest In
  • IoT Wearable Devices & Technology
  • How IoT Will Affect Security

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Looks like we soon will have Internet in every device we own. That’s the Internet of Things. This reports provides a good overview of the market, the trends but also the possible uses for these devices. Must have in every business digital strategy.

Farid Mheir