The Global #AI Talent Pool Going into 2018 HT @jfgagne

I reached out for help a little while ago on Twitter and on LinkedIn to assess the size and state of the global AI talent pool—a crucial issue for the entire industry going forward. Thank you to those of you from around the world who responded in large numbers. Your generous input has gone into a new report that we at Element AI have developed. We now have a more detailed picture of the size and characteristics of the pool of AI experts going into 2018. I see this report as a living document that will continue growing with others’ contributions. Our broadest measure of the global talent pool is 22,000 individuals: it remains clear that the fight for talent will continue into the foreseeable future. Below are some of my observations on what I see happening around the world. 

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WHY IT MATTERS: A great analysis of the current pool of talent in AI worldwide – compiled by our local Montreal AI darling startup The conclusion: there are very few experts in the AI field today and even though tools and frameworks are available for newbies to get their feet wet, the learning curve is important.

However, I will suggest that the pool of talent to “integrate” AI into other solutions – mobile apps, eCommerce, production systems, etc. – is much wider and grows exponentially fast. I like to draw parallels with the Internet of late 1990s when anyone with a computer and web browser could develop a website – but very few had the skills to create eCommerce software or scalable web infrastructure.


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Farid Mheir