Take this test: 9 data points is all you need to determine who you are going to vote in the next election- Imagine what you can do when you have 1000s as do Apple, Google, Facebook, etc.? via @Radi…

À quel point l’âge, le revenu, le genre ou la religion influencent les chances de voter pour un parti? Nous avons puisé dans les réponses de 387 671 utilisateurs de la Boussole électorale pour le déterminer.

Sourced through Scoop.it from: ici.radio-canada.ca

WHY IT MATTERS: the power of big data is all here in this test. Enter your age, gender and 7 other facts about you and they will determine with high confidence what party you will vote for in the upcoming Canadian election. What’s the trick? The data from an online survey of 300,000 Canadians. So now imagine the kind of targetting Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon can do and you’ll realize why they are so valuable and dangerous. Amazing!

Farid Mheir