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“No industry,” wrote Harvard Business Review at the close of 2018, “is failing faster than retail.” At risk of contradicting the Crimson: bullshit. Sweeping proclamations make for great sound bites and (scholarly) clickbait. But the truth? Not so much.

At the opposite extreme lay headlines trumpeting “voice-search buying,” “Instagram-worthy pop-ups,” and “VR-enabled O2O experiences.”

What the data shows — and what the leaders we spoke to from brands at the forefront said — isn’t that retail is failing nor that success is tied to innovation for innovation’s sake. Instead, it points to the now unignorable center of commerce: customer choice. What is the future of ecommerce for 2019 and beyond? 10 insights offer the answer:
Ecommerce v Retail: The Dichotomy Ends
DTC Emerges as Commerce’s Future
More than “Digitally Native” Tactics
Content Becomes the Holy Grail of Growth
Physical and Digital Solidify Their Relationship
Social Commerce Evolves or Limps to the Grave
Channels Must Deliver on Their Promises
Mobile Buying Is (Almost) the New Normal
Micro-Moments Win or Lose Conversions
International Ecommerce Expands to the East

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Farid Mheir