Some observations on the worldwide AI talent pool in 2019 would mek you think the situation is bad – but in reality there is way more than 22400 #AI professionals to draw from on the market and the…

There is strong evidence that the supply of top-tier AI talent does not meet the demand. Yet there is little visibility on precisely how scarce this talent is or where it is concentrated around the world. This report summarizes our second survey of the scope and breadth of the worldwide AI talent pool.

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WHY IT MATTERS: always good to know where we stand on AI and this report from jfgagné provides the data. However, one must be careful as he only looks at researchers – the field of qualified professionals moving into AI is growing FAST. And tools, frameworks and systems to enable AI use is growing at an even faster clip, making AI development much easier even though researcher numbers are limited. Interesting to notice the large presence of Canada in the numbers…

Farid Mheir