SoftBank’s next bet: $940M into #autonomousDelivery startup Nuro is along same lines as what UBER has received in funding – why it may not mean that you will soon see self-driving delivery vehicles…

Nuro, the autonomous delivery startup, has raised $940 million in financing from the SoftBank Vision Fund, a whopping amount that will be used to expand its delivery service, add new partners, hire employees and scale up its fleet of self-driving bots. Nuro has raised more than $1 billion.

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WHY IOT MATTERS: fast & cheap delivery is the last issue to solve for eCommerce. This massive investment means that the technology will get deployed more widely. Unfortunately, as opposed to UBER, the company must manufacture deploy and manage the fleet of vehicle, which means that you will not it Nuro explode on the market in a few years like UBER did in the past 5 years. 

Farid Mheir