“Smart Phygital” the #buzzword at #PRW18 that bundles #digitalTransformation concepts and a new reality: there is no difference between #ecommerce and physical store commerce: it is just commerce #…

Une enquête menée en 2018 par 421 Research pour Ayden auprès de 5 033 Européens (Royaume-Uni, Allemagne, Espagne, France et Pays nordiques), rend compte de l’importance de la vision "Smart Phygital" pour les acteurs de la distribution. Comme le montre notre graphique, les attentes des consommateurs vis-à-vis de l’expérience d’achat se concentrent autour de 3 axes : la personnalisation, la stratégie omnicanale et l’innovation digitale.

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WHY IT MATTERS: too many buzzwords, too many concepts are increasing the confusion of retailers and merchants. This year at the Paris Retail Week it was "smart phygital" a concept that means nothing more than the fact that eCommerce is morphing into retail commerce, driving changes in stores to go from mini-warehouses to an experience destinations where consumers will get product showrooms, advice and support. And all of that supported by digital technology and requiring huge digital transformation of processes and people.

Farid Mheir