Research Briefing on Google’s Global Expansion in Telecommunications via @CBinsights

Google’s revenue growth — with advertising at its core — is only as strong as the world’s access to its products. Today, it’s estimated that less than 55% of the world has access to reliable, high-speed internet. For this reason, Google has become increasingly focused on improving connectivity. The company is partnering and competing as it works toward global, ubiquitous internet access.
In this research briefing, we analyze 8 initiatives by Google and the broader Alphabet organization — each helping to extend the company’s reach. We dig into patents, earnings calls, private market data, and more to understand Google’s strategy across these areas, including:
Fiber Optics & Fixed Wireless Internet Services
Cellular Service & Connectivity
Live, Online Television
Cloud Computing
Public WiFi

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WHY IT M’ATTERS: Google expands its reach into many data-driven industries, telecom being one of them.

Farid Mheir