Research Briefing: Emerging Trends in Energy shows that #AI and #blockchain should have a profound impact via @CBinsights

Technology is changing the face of the energy industry. Communities are using blockchain to sell solar power to each other. Big oil and gas companies are using artificial intelligence to map out potential extraction points. Disaster zones and emerging markets are moving directly to microgrids and away from centralized grid models.

In this briefing, we cover:

  • Major corporates that are backing blockchain technology to improve energy transactions, like Siemens, which has partnered with LO3 to launch the Brooklyn Microgrid
  • The implications of startups like Bidgley that are helping utilities disaggregate the massive deluge of data that has come from a new wave of connected devices
  • The role that artificial intelligence can play in the industry, from making grids smarter and more responsive to improving storage efficiency
  • What a sturdy cybersecurity offering might look like in the energy industry

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WHY IT MATTERS: the impact of blockchain goes way beyond bitcoin fiasco and has potential to help in energy trading for example. Of cours AI will impact energy as all other sectors. more in this research briefing.

Farid Mheir