Optimizing Checkout Login Screen Design discusses the different options that eCommerce designer face to ensure checkout completes via @ecomillustrated

The goal of checkout’s first step is to successfully move new and returning customers to the next step, and not lose customers due to usability or design problems.

Regardless of the specific design you apply, keep the following best practices in mind:

  • Both new and returning customers should be able to quickly identify their login option above the fold, without scrolling, whether on desktop or mobile (especially returning customers within a “Bypass” checkout)
  • New customers should not be asked to decide between creating an account or using guest checkout (unless saving information in a new account is not possible with the ecommerce platform)
  • Buttons should be clearly labeled with specific text, versus “Continue” or “Checkout”
  • Email should be captured as early as possible in the flow

Of course, there’s flexibility to design (and test designs) for the first step of login. Stay tuned for our upcoming Ecommerce Illustrated chapter on checkout testing tips. Have you subscribed?

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WHY IT MATTERS: a great discussion of different options for ecommerce checkout. Also, the website other posts provide additional useful information and discussions, happy to see it come back after a long pause…

Farid Mheir