One small backflip for a #robot is one giant leaping backflip for humankind

Something that often bothers me about sci-fi is the loner inventor trope. A guy in a garage builds a robot, or AI, or frequently both that are somehow decades beyond the technology of his day. It’s hard to even appreciate how hard this is for robots to do, because it’s hard to appreciate how difficult walking still is for humanoids. I wrote a whole piece about the problem of building walking robots back in 2011 — it wasn’t pretty back then, and it’s still a challenge for most full-sized humanoids.

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WHY IT MATTERS: we’ve heard that robots will replace humans for so many years now that we tend to dismiss such claims. This demonstration shows that this may change in the near future with huge impact on manufacturing of course but also in autonomous vehicles, delivery drones and maybe personal robots. And this would be something very significant given the difficulty that employers have finding workers for certain low skills jobs such as truck drivers 

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Farid Mheir