Nordstrom’s merchandise-free ‘Local’ shop focus on customer service rather than product displays: this is part of a mega trend for new store formats that puts pressure on store tech designed for tr…

The 3,000 square-foot concept shop, which opened earlier this month in Los Angeles’ West Hollywood neighborhood, is focused squarely on services. From alterations and tailoring to buy online/pickup in store options and style consulting — the idea is to curate the best customer experience Nordstrom has to offer.

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WHY IT MATTERS: more evidence that stores are transforming and moving away from being mini warehouses – shopping is done by eCommerce today. Store now have become destinations for service. This places huge pressurer on digital systems in store that were designed to deliver efficient transactions (think invoice and payment) rather than service like alterations, returns, product information, personalized products, 3D printed products, etc.

Farid Mheir