New research from @Google shows how effective is basic account hygiene at preventing hijacking with lots of useful data and links to protect your security and privacy

We teamed up with researchers from New York University and the University of California, San Diego to find out just how effective basic account hygiene is at preventing hijacking. The year-long study, on wide-scale attacks and targeted attacks, was presented on Wednesday at a gathering of experts, policy makers, and users called The Web Conference.
Our research shows that simply adding a recovery phone number to your Google Account can block up to 100% of automated bots, 99% of bulk phishing attacks, and 66% of targeted attacks that occurred during our investigation.

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WHY IT MATTERS: an article full of eye opening data on hacking and security (like only 750$ to hack someone’s password) and links to protect your Google accounts (like adding recovery phone number).

Farid Mheir