New Nike Live concept store takes the #hyperlocal & #personalization & #newStoreFormat concepts to extremes: website traffic patterns drive merchandising decisions and store assortment updates are …

Experiential doesn’t mean the same for every brand, concept or customer. Nike Live is the brand’s first concept that is declaratively dedicated to being a hub for members. "We need our stores to better reflect the consumers in that marketplace and member insights is how we will do that," Sparks said. "The future of service will be very personal. We will know you so well we will be incredibly relevant with the product we give and the services we offer."

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WHY IT MATTERS: retailers are experimenting with new store formats as they struggle to create new store experiences to draw clients in and keep them interested. Technology is essential here to personalize the store assortment and merchandising, as well as offer eCommerce order pickup and member insights.

Farid Mheir