Neal Ford #podcast on evolutionary architecture, a summary of his recent book #mustListen #forGeeks #softwareArchitecture #enterpriseArchitecture

The O’Reilly Programming Podcast: Building an architecture that can adapt to change.

  • Software architecture’s increasing popularity over the last few years; Ford says that “companies such as Netflix and Amazon showed that if you do software architecture really well, you build a competitive advantage over everybody else.”
  • The non-functional requirements and soft skills needed to successfully implement software architecture.
  • How evolutionary architecture enables you to adapt to the future rather than predict it; Ford notes the pitfalls of “trying to do predictive planning against an incredibly dynamic ecosystem.”
  • Why guided change and incremental change are the two characteristics of an evolutionary architecture.
  • The difference between evolutionary and adaptive systems.

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WHY IT MATTERS: this is part of a short series on evolutionary architectures which discuss new approaches regarding software architecture that integrate the concept of architecture validation during the build and deployment process, much akin to what is being done with TDD to validate the functional requirements are met. This remains complex to implement IMHO but nevertheless has the merit to address a real problem with architecture, that is their lack of enforcement. Geeks, read it! Others, well, you might find this a bit obtuse… 😉

Farid Mheir