McKinsey proposes to do away with outdated command-and-control structure in favour of unleashing the power of agile teams and explains that it requires executives and managers to change the way the…

In a nutshell, senior executives must move the company—and themselves—away from outmoded command-and-control behaviors and structures that are ill-suited to today’s rapid digital world. They must redouble efforts to overcome resource inertia and break down silos, because independent teams can’t overcome these bureaucratic challenges on their own. They must direct teams to the best opportunities, arm them with the best people, give them the tools they need to move fast, and oversee their work with a light but consistent touch.

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WHY IT MATTERS: the issues raised in this article I see with every corporation I work with. They want agility and flexibility but executives don’t let go of out-dated corporate structures and governance. Ultimately, they end up blaming employees and partners when they fail to deliver in a competitive way. Every executive I meet from this point forward will receive a copy of this article!

Farid Mheir