Machine teaching machine: Google #selfDriving car simulation turns 1 intersection in 1000s hrs of experience

With simulation, we can turn a single real-world encounter — such as a flashing yellow left turn — into thousands of opportunities to practice and master a skill. Here’s how it works.

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Google self driving cars rely on human drivers to drive millions of miles and learn the basic driving skills. This story explains how Google has built a self-driving car simulation software called Carcraft to go one step further and use real-world roads into millions of different driving scenarios. 

What is important here is the fact that a machine – here the simulator – can learn from mistakes and improbable driving scenarios and then *instantly* share that knowledge with *all* of the self driving cars in Google’s fleet. Humans cannot do that. And this means computers will learn skills – driving, medecine, accounting, law, etc. – extremely fast in the coming years. Be ready to see self driving cars on the road much sooner than you expect.

Farid Mheir