Machine learning deployment has become the new tool to solve a whole set of problems that were unsolvable with traditional computing and this article explains why #AI is everywhere from @benedictev…

In the last 5-6 years, machine learning has gone from ‘crazy idea from the 1980s’ to ‘software’. That has come with several waves of deployment and several waves of company creation, as we work out what do do with it. It’s the new SQL.

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WHY IT MATTERS: everyone and everything is about AI it seems these days. Not wrong, AI (actually ML) will impact every industry and every application. Like SQL did in 1980s or HTTP didi in the 90s. Now it is machine learning and neural nets. This article presents the different "ways" companies internalize AI, and many ways use AI tools and techniques as building blocks to address problems that were insolvable a few years ago (because they required vision or audio processing, which for ML is actually the same things. So for my clients I say: do you have a problem you could not solve with traditional computing? Then maybe AI/ML can provide an answer.

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Farid Mheir