Key #technology concepts behind @Faceboook #cryptocurrency are #openSource & documentation is available online- the Life of a #Libra Transaction #Blockchain

To get a deeper understanding of the lifecycle of a Libra transaction, we will follow a transaction on its journey from being submitted to a Libra validator to being committed to the Libra Blockchain. We will then “zoom-in” on each logical component of a validator and take a look at its interactions with other components.

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WHY IT MATTERS: Facebook announcement of its cryptocurrency called LIBRA will generate many comments but I expect few will take time to look at the technology behind the solution. Here, the life of a LIBRA trransaction is explained.

IMHO this is the most interesting piece as it lays out the required components to implement a blockchain solution. This will require knowledge and expertise that today few have. If LIBRA is a commercial success then expect others to leverage the same technology in their solutions. Thus, worth reading.

Farid Mheir