IOT requires new ways to gather and transmit data securely and cost effectively – the low power, wide area network #LPWAN is presented here as the Backbone to Smart Building Solutions via @automate…

In the connected era, an increasing number of IoT solutions will make our homes, public areas and workplaces, smarter. Building managers will have access to real-time, cloud-based analytics, reporting and services, allowing for informed decision making. With the increasing market demands for cost-saving occupancy comfort solutions, connected technologies are well-positioned to meet the needs of the automated building industry. 
From fire detection to temperature control and energy management, these applications are a part of a growing market. In fact, Allied Market Research forecasts that by 2024, the global intelligent building market will be valued at over $42 billion. Additionally, a recent Research and Markets report estimates that over 483 million IoT-based building solutions will be installed by 2022. To support this growth, IoT-based building solutions require reliable technology that will enable full use of its connective capabilities in a complex environment. 

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WHY IT MATTERS: new technologies and protocols are needed to make Inter of Things a reality. Here is a good overview of the LPWAN and LoRaWAN usage in smart building.

Farid Mheir