Introducing Stormcrow, @dropbox solution for #code feature deployment configuration 

A SaaS company like Dropbox needs to update our systems constantly, at all levels of the stack. When it comes time to tune some piece of infrastructure, roll out a new feature, or set up an A/B test, it’s important that we can make changes and have them hit production fast.
Making a change to our code and then “simply” pushing it is not an option: completing a push to our web servers can take hours, and shipping a new mobile or desktop platform release takes even longer. In any case, a full code deployment can be dangerous because it could introduce new bugs: what we really want is a way to put some configurable “knobs” into our products, which a) give us the flexibility we need and b) can be safely tweaked in near real-time.
To satisfy this need, we built a system called Stormcrow, which allows us to edit and deploy “feature gates.” A feature gate is a configurable code path that calls out to Stormcrow to determine how to proceed.

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Software deployment is difficult enough, let’s use all the tricks in the book to make it easier. If it is good enough for dropbox I guess it should be good enough for me as well…

Farid Mheir