Implement #FaceDetection in few lines of Python code shows image processing using #ML has become trivial: expect to see it in all kinds of products + expect all kinds of errors due to training data…

Face detection is the ability of a computer program to identify and locate human faces in a digital image. Face detection is one of the most common applications of Artificial Intelligence. From camera applications in smartphones to Facebook’s tag suggestions, the use of face detection in applications is increasing every single day.


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WHY IT MATTERS: few lines of code is all you need to do things that were considered impossible 5 years ago. With this powerful tool at their finger, expect pretty every website and system to include face detection and other image processing features to be included in the coming years. But few developers will know about the limitations of the technology, especially the biais that may exist in the training data. As in this example, you realize that the "confidence" has not been used in the example, but yet it seems to be an essential information to interpret the results. There will be many many errors due to this in the coming years before the technology really is fool proof.

Farid Mheir