Hypnotic video shows thousands of autonomous crates flying through Ocado’s robo-factory #grocery #robots

The 90,000-square-metre warehouse is the starting point for 190,000 customer deliveries every week

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.wired.co.uk


This is one of the ways eCommerce will evolve in the near future: robotization. Orders are prepared automatically, without humans touching them. Even for grocery. Especially for grocery. Because it is a high volume, low margin operation, grocery mandates automated preparation. Of course, this level of investment can only be afforded at very high volume, which is the case in the UK where Ocado’s warehouses like this can deliver 190,000 orders every week. No other country has this level of grocery eCommerce but when they do (think Amazon Fresh in the US), robotic warehouses like this will become mandatory to stay in business.

The last missing link will remain, of course, the last mile: delivery. There, self driving cars and drones may offer a solution.

Farid Mheir