How to Manage Product Information for Digital Commerce #eBook

Now is the time to empower effective change in your business. Eighty-eight percent of shoppers say they rely on digital product content to decide where to buy. The technology systems of the past cannot keep pace with the detailed, personalized, and contextualized experience consumers demand. The role of information technology is undergoing significant shifts.
This ebook outlines a new approach to product information management: combing true agility and necessary data governance. Product data is a key component of the consumer experience. Static data will leave your business behind in the emerging market of tomorrow. To adapt to digital commerce, businesses must re-evaluate their current ecosystems and update their approach to product information management.
– How to balance the increasing need for both data quality and data agility
– The technology required to drive internal efficiency and grow sales and market share on the digital shelf
– A step-by-step process to empower business users without sacrificing data governance
– A set of questions to help assess whether your organization’s needs will be met by any new system

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WHY IT MATTERS: 3 key data domains should be top of any company’s EA priority list: client, orders and products. This ebook sheds some light onto key processes and technologies required to manage product data centrally.

Farid Mheir