How Google approaches SEO provides amazing insights from the best – because “Google is King”

Google owns thousands of websites. We don’t always get search engine optimization (SEO) right, but have discovered 3 things to help with your website SEO.

To really get the most out of SEO, though, it’s important to stay on top of the latest Google Search updates. That’s no different for us internally. We at Google own 7,000 websites that are managed by hundreds of product and marketing teams all over the world. Over 200 changes are made to these websites every single day, all of which could potentially affect a site’s SEO. When it comes to how Google sites appear in Search, they receive the same treatment as any other site on the web, and our teams follow the same external guidelines provided to webmasters.

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WHY IT MATTERS: pretty basic considerations about digital transformation is that "Google is King" and thus your website / mobile app / ecommerce must all rank high in google searches. This guide provides insights from the best!

Farid Mheir