How Amazon Plans To Use Whole Foods to Dominate the Retail Industry #amazon #grocery

But with the $13.7 billion acquisition, Amazon had bought itself a real shot at remaking the $800 billion U.S. grocery sector—the last frontier of e-commerce and a massive one at that. Some 20% of retail spending goes toward food, but only 2% of those sales take place on the Internet. “Grocery is the Wild West for online,” says Carrie Bienkowski, the chief marketing officer of online grocer Peapod. “The size of the prize is huge, and it’s growing.”

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WHY IT MATTERS: the article is a great review of the reasons why Amazon acquisition of Whole Foods is essential and why grocery eCommerce is the final frontier for the online retailer. Very good recap fo the state of eCommerce today, and its remaining challenges and opportunities.

Farid Mheir