Grocery Store Of The Future: 65 Startups Reimagining Shelf Stocking, Product Promotion, Shopper Tracking, And More

The startups in this infographic have raised nearly $1.5B to optimize grocery store operations with AI, virtual reality and more.

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Grocery is the last frontier for digital disruption, everyone knows (huge market but late adopter of digital, especially eCommerce see ).

But no one knows when exactly they’ll get disrupted. Many are betting on eCommerce but from the looks of this report, we may see a lot of changes in our weekly trip to the supermarket, from shelf monitoring to augmented reality.

Then again, grocers are pre-historic in their use of technology because of low margins and a very repetitive shopping experience. We mostly always buy the same products and are looking at our store “experience” to be fast with low prices, not so much fun and experiential (see Amazon GO where there is no cash register to slow you down still needs to be cheap

So my bets are on the startups that enable faster grocery shopping at a low cost- all others I expect will have a hard time (sorry AR and VR startups…)!

Farid Mheir