Google Glass Isn’t Dead; It’s the Future of Industry in 2019 and may prove a game changer anywhere step-by-step instructions are essential #AR #Manufacturing #Retail

Google Glass lived a short, sad life. And when you look back, it feels like a bit of a dream. But the dream isn’t over yet, because Glass has found itself an industrial career.

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WHY IT MATTERS: it looks like the next time will be better with a focus on business applications rather than personal life. Listen to the video that Boeing has produced where they used Glass to help assembly of wire bundles in airplanes using heads-up display in Google Glass: impressive. 

I can see many more applications in transportation, order delivery, manufacturing, and maybe even retail where repairs or service require some form of step-by-step process to complete the work. Expect this in 2019.

Farid Mheir