Gartner Report on #Security Organization Dynamics shows how complex it has become to make companies secure – which begs the question “who’s RESPONSIBLE when a security breach occurs?” @Gartner

The growing cyber skills shortage drives security organizations to look for ways to mitigate the pain and danger that short-staffed security teams can experience. In its report, Security Organization Dynamics, Gartner outlines this ongoing challenge and notes how, “Persistent security skills shortages have forced security leaders to explore new ways of obtaining and managing security capabilities.”

Gartner points out that hiring may not be the only option for filling the gap, cautioning that, “Few, if any, enterprises can afford to perform all security functions in-house. Consider selective outsourcing of functions, especially those that are operationalized or ad hoc.”

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WHY IT MATTERS: security, especially digital security and privacy, have become a central theme of digital transformation plans. Here Gartner surveys 300+ organizations to show different organizational structures for large, medium and small businesses.

My conclusion: there are too many people in charge of security, the governance is too complex and it is not clear who is RESPONSIBLE when a breach occurs…

Farid Mheir