Finally a definition of architecture that makes sense (“the important stuff (whatever that is)”) and 2 great ways to document #architectures so we can learn by inspection of the work of others: #Ex…

I usually avoid the A-word (architecture) because it’s such a slippery term. In this case I’ll be following my preferred definition of architecture – "the important stuff (whatever that is)" – from Ralph Johnson. This means I’ll talk about what I think is interesting about the system’s design, based both on my judgement and on the judgement of the team that’s been involved in its development.

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WHY IT MATTERS: trying to create good digital architectures is difficult because the lack of a good definition for the word "architecture" (I know I am late in the game as MF wrote about this in 2003-2005 timeframe, my bad for being so late to catch up). Martin fowler proposes one and provides some examples of good architectures and patterns for us all to learn from. We should have more of this.

Farid Mheir