Email this to your CEO with subject “URGENT” & ask what they are doing about this today? – Why digital transformation is now on the CEO’s shoulders via @McKinsey

…it forces CEOs to rethink how companies execute, with new business processes, management practices, and information systems, as well as everything about the nature of customer relationships. I’m seeing leaders who get this. They’re all over it: they want to launch five transformation initiatives right now; they’re talking to me and every digital leader they know about where the technology threats are coming from; and they’re hiring the best people to advise them. Yet I’m shocked by—even fearful for—the many CEOs I know who seem to be asleep at the switch.

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WHY IT MATTERS: digital transforms every single business functions in the organizations. But unlike previous eras such as the Internet, this may be existential for many organizations. Thomas Siebel makes a very compelling arguments to get going big and hire great partners and consultants – think of me when you do! 😉

Farid Mheir